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Tony & Christine 3

December 9th, 2010 by admin

Tony & Christine 3

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21 Responses

  1. Lisa Gibbons

    Great Job and lots of luck!!!

  2. Cynthia Harrell

    Christine makes the best cupcakes!

  3. Angelica Figueroa

    I love the taste of these cupcakes.

  4. Haleigh Figueroa

    These are the best!

  5. Coleen

    They ate beautiful AND taste wonderful.

  6. Blanca Sanchez

    Beautiful cupcakes!!!

  7. Bianca Sanchez

    Very pretty cupcakes!

  8. E Tony & Christine

    Beautiful! Good luck! Dawn G.

  9. Renee

    E. Eat Me by Tony and Christine! Beautiful cupcakes. :)

  10. Peggy McGarrity


  11. LaurieAnn Harper

    Beautiful cupcakes, looks delicious!

  12. Kathy McGowan

    They look great.

  13. Martha

    Love these cupcakes!

  14. Aunt Diane

    They look scrumptious!

  15. Melody Heaberlin

    Yummy!! Very pretty cup cakes!!

  16. Laurette Balinsky

    I vote for Christine. Her cupcakes are the best. :)

  17. Colleen

    Love these cupcakes!!!

  18. Larry Green

    Looks good to me!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Jorge

    These look great! Good luck!

  20. Norman

    Bring on the cup cakes!!!!! These are the best!!!

  21. Naomi

    I vote for E (Eat Me), Go Christina!

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