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St Patricks Day Cupcake Recipes & Decorating with Cupcake Wrappers

March 8th, 2014 by admin

St Patricks Day cupcake recipes and decorating is right around the corner! Time to get your Green Cupcake Wrappers on those tasty little green cupcakes. Every little cupcake deserves a bit of style and the green cupcake covers will be the perfect trick to get your McParty On!

Moustache Cupcake Toppers

Just bake or buy your favorite St Patricks Day cupcake recipes and wrap them in any cupcake wrapper in any style for a bit of whimsy. From Polka Dot Cupcake Covers to Swirl Cupcake Sleeves, they will add a bit of love that your St Patrick’s Day guests will adore.

Now you just have to decide what cupcake flavor to make for a St Patricks Day Cupcake Recipes. Here’s a Irish Cream Cupcake Recipe we recommend HERE.

St Patricks Day cupcake toppers

Looking for more St Patrick’s Day cupcake recipes and decorating Ideas? Well beyond  Green Cupcake Wrappers and “St Party’s” Ideas we suggest adding Green Moustache Cupcake Toppers or a fun collection of St Patricks Day Cupcake Toppers. Featuring a Pot of Gold, Four Leaf Clovers and little green leprechaun hats in a trio of St Patty’s Day cupcake toppers. Perfect for St Patrick’s Day parties, Birthdays for folks with Irish heritage or just because you love adorable all things Irish.

If you’re also making some Shamrock Milkshakes or Limeade, these Green Paper Straws are a great addition to your festive beverage of choice.

green paper straws for St Patricks Day

Three Cupcake Stand St Patrick’s Day Decorating Tips:
1. Add a bit of Green Ribbon to the rim/edge of the cupcake stand tiers to add a bit of color.
2. Set Green Flowers (like Hydrangea or Carnations)  in between cupcakes on the stand.
3. Find Green Shamrock confetti to place on the stand or at the base of the stand before adding cupcakes.

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