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Cupcake Couture Blog Party – Featuring Bella Cupcake Couture

May 15th, 2013 by admin

Get ready for a Cupcake Couture Blog Party. The event happens on Tuesday May 21, 2013 and will be filled with cupcake recipes from the top baking blogs in the US and even a few international cupcake / baking blogs. Not only will you get a great selection of recipes, view beautifully decorated cupcakes with cupcake couture wrappers but you’ll also have a chance to win an amazing prize package.   Check out all the details and participants below.

Cupcake Couture Wrapper Blog Party

Each blogger will be featuring a recipe that they’ve baked and decorated with Bella Cupcake Couture cupcake wrappers. Each blogger will receive a different wrapper and create a display using items they already have at home.  The possibilities are endless!

Photos of the cupcakes and the scene along with the recipe and info about the Blog Partyw will go live on your blog Tuesday, May 21st.

One lucky reader of the Blog Party will win a prize pack featuring:

Prize Pack for Cupcake Couture Blog Party

To qualify to win the prize pack – each person will have to “follow” the blogs Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram/Twitter, etc. More details coming soon.

We’re super excited about this Cupcake Couture Blog Party and we will know you will enjoy perusing all the deliciously decorated cupcakes!

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Coming Soon Cupcake Flags to Make Your Cupcakes The Tops

May 14th, 2013 by admin

Cupcake flags make decorating cupcakes more fun! And with these cute little popular sayings it says it sweetly to the recipient how much you adore them.  You asked and we listened! We have several clients who’ve requested to have stylish cupcake flag picks that match our cupcake wrappers. So “HOORAY”, you’ll be seeing Bella Cupcake Couture offering our signature cupcake flags.

 If you are hosting a birthday party or a baby shower and are looking for cute ways to add a personal touch and set the mood of the party, you’ll love using our cupcake flags / picks. You can bake or to save time you can even buy pre-made cupcakes to dress up your little petite treats with these cupcake flags.

cupcake flags damask birthday

If you’re planning a French Chic birthday soiree, you’ll love the Lu Lu Damask Black & White “Happy Birthday” cupcake flags. And if you’re having a baby shower you can say it with our pretty in pink “It’s a Girl” cupcake flags or our sky blue “It’s a Boy” cupcake flags both with a subtle little polka dot.

Baby Shower Cupcake flags

But first we need your feedback.

We’ve created three new styles:
“Happy Birthday” in damask black & white, 
 “It’s a Girl” in pink polka dots and  “It’s a Boy” in sky blue polka dots
Each flag features our Signature Bella Cupcake Couture scalloped edge that has been adored on our cupcake wrappers for 4+ years.
We chose three popular events that are a must for cupcake flag picks. The cupcake flags could also be used for sandwiches, olives, Before we finalize our newest product, we want your feedback. Email us and let us know if you like the new colors, celebration phrases and if there is anything else you’d like to see?
Thanks again for sharing your feedback! Carrie
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Graduation Cupcake Wrappers and Decorations are NOW Available

May 13th, 2013 by admin
Celebrate your Graduates proudest achievement with a sweet treat decorated in a “Congrats Grad” graduation cupcake wrappers. You’ll definitely receive the centerpiece that is “most likely to succeed award” at your graduation celebration with these graduation cupcake wrappers. It’s a simple no-brainer graduation cupcake decoration which makes it simple to get high grades for your Graduation cupcake dessert table.
Each black and white cupcake wrapper is decorated with a mortarboard cap, tassel and “Congrats Grad Class of 2013″ message. Your grad will be glad you made the extra effort. However little will they know how simple they were. You just bake or buy your favorite cupcakes and set inside the graduation cupcake wrappers. Each cupcake sleeve is adjustable for different standard sized cupcakes.
Cupcake Wrappers- Graduation 2013 includes 12
You can also add additional décor like black and white sprinkles, silver glitter dust, black and white swirled cupcake frosting and more to add to the Graduation theme. Either way, this festive graduation cupcake wrappers decoration will be sure to win high marks among graduates & party goers.
Black Paper Straws and bottle wraps for Graduation Parties
Looking for other graduation party decorating ideas? Check out our Pinterest Page for various fun ideas. You might also want to add other items like our black and white paper straws, black and white striped water bottle labels, black and white striped candy bar wraps for party favors and more party supplies.
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Mothers Day Cupcakes & Fun Memories

May 12th, 2013 by admin
Wishing you a Happy Mothers Day! We hope you are spending quality time with your mom’s today, making mothers day cupcakes and reminiscing about all the fun times you’ve had baking together. Mom’s can have such an influence on us throughout our lives. Through in’s & outs and ups & downs– Mom always seems to be there. She’s made those moments extra special with her thoughtful ways and those sweet treats that make growing up so memorable.
Share your favorite baking accomplishments you’ve had with Mom!
While you’re reminiscing about the fun times you and your mom have had, we would like to hear your story about the first baking moment you shared with your Mom? Was it making Mothers Day Cupcakes, Birthday Cakes, or Apple pie? No matter what it was we would love to hear.  Email or share on Facebook to submit your stories. You could win cupcake wrappers for you and Mom to decorate on your next batch of cupcakes together.
Also if you’re still wondering what to get mom, here are some ideas:
Cupcake wrappers - Hannah- Pink/Yellow includes 12 ADJUSTABLE
If your mother loves flowers, than she will adore these floral cupcake wraps filled with a pretty collection of flowers.
Cupcake Wrappers and Liners, with Zebra Print with Black and Pink
If Mom is a baker and has some of the best recipes around, pretty damask recipe cards might be the perfect gift. Or maybe she just needs a ladies night out. This little black and white zebra party banner will bring out the fun for mom!
Itty Bitty Banner- Zebra "Ladies Night"
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Under the Sea with Blue Straws and Cupcake Wrappers – Dolce Designs

May 7th, 2013 by admin

Looking for a fun and easy way to create an Under the Sea theme for your next kids party. It’s simple to create this Ocean theme with blue straws, sea blue cupcake wrappers , fish bowls, starfish cookies, itty bitty Fishy Banner, Blue Macarons, Sea Blue Rock Candy and more.

Blue Straws

Under the Sea Party Theme by Dolce Designs

One of our clients Jesi of Dolce Designs created this theme for one of her recent clients. They used our blue straws for the adorable cakepops shown here.

Aqua sea blue straws Blue straws

 You can also see how perfect our sea blue cupcake wrappers or sky blue cupcake wraps would be for this theme.

blue cupcake wrappersSea Blue Cupcake Wrappers
Now, we want to share all the photo details of the event and a special interview with the designer, Jesi of Dolce Designs. You’ll learn about how she got started in this line of business, her tips to folks getting married and favorite cupcake flavors. Enjoy!


Tell us about the event, who was it for and how did the theme come together?

This was a birthday party for a tween girl who adores the ocean and the color blue. I created a “blue room” by hanging up blue curtains in the window and a curtain of tri-colored streamers in the arch separating the party room from the next room in the house. The circle streamers and balloons were there as “bubbles”, and the fishing net and sea shells scattered throughout further enhanced the oceanic atmosphere.

The decor as well as the cake were kept simple and “grown up”, and I stayed as far as possible from the cartoony ocean theme usually seen for little boys. I wanted this to be a girly ocean theme, and the birthday girl love it!
Ocean Blue Party theme

 Tell us how you got started in the event planning business? 

I’ve been baking and decorating cakes for years, and I’ve always loved planning my family’s birthday parties…so it was natural for me to go beyond just making the cake  to designing the entire event. I’ve always gone all out with birthdays even if we had just a handful of guests. I want the image of mom slaving away in the kitchen baking countless cupcakes and cakepops engraved in their little minds.

About two years ago a friend of mine showed me a picture of a simple but beautiful dessert table, and I knew it was something I would love doing. I started making decorations that same day and couldn’t stop. I spent a week making fans, pom poms, banners, you name it. And this was before I even knew about Pinterest! (back in the day when you needed an invitation to join, remember?). Now the inspiration found online from other designers is endless!

Ocean Blue Theme Table

We noticed you have a lot of cupcakes, cakes and macaroons in your displays. Do you bake all your own goodies? 

I sure do! I started making cakes and cupcakes years ago, then when cakepops first came out I thought they were adorable and followed a tutorial on the Pioneer Woman’s website (love her). Once I got the basics down I stared experimenting with my own recipes and flavors. The frosted sugar cookies followed, and lastly, I just HAD to master zee Fwench macaron. It took me three tries but I’m glad I looked failure in the eye and kept on piping. They are always a big hit.

The neat thing is, all of my baked goods can be converted to gluten and/or dairy free for those on a special diet. Over the years after being disappointed with gluten free recipes I’d find online, and the sugar laden GF cookies I’d buy at the store, I just decided to develop my own. Most people are none the wiser. I usually wait until they finish something to tell them it’s gluten free and they can’t believe it.

Ocean Theme Cake with Fish Banner

What are your best selling event theme?

By far everyone loves vintage/country chic. Which is great considering I live 5 min away from a huge antique mall. I want to be dropped off there and left to shop (with no children next to me asking “what’s THIS for?” every five seconds) for an entire week. It is my favorite style as well.

Ocean Blue Bottle Wrap

What is one tip you would give to a bride planning her wedding dessert 

My husband and I eloped 12 years ago and didn’t tell anyone we were getting married. And even though it was romantic, I didn’t think at the time that years later, I’d wish I had a big wedding with a beautiful wedding gown and a big cake. So my advise would be, go for the wedding of your dreams! Whether you want a grand dessert table with lots of gorgeous desserts or you want simple chic with just a few delicious goodies, it’s about what YOU want. Years later you’ll look at the photos and remember everything was exactly how you wanted it.

 Ocean Theme Party for Kids

What’s your favorite cupcake flavor? 

My favorite cupcake flavor is anything citrusy (made with real orange and lemon peel please!), and if it has warm Italian meringue on top, even better! Reminds me of Lemon meringue pie. But of course rich chocolate is a close second.

Ocean theme dessert table


Just for fun; what is your favorite Bella Cupcake Couture cupcake wrapper design?

I love all the cupcake wrappers! But my favorite would have to be the white/gold damask and the pink/black damask. They are adorable!

Mini cupcake wrappers - (includes 18) Lu Lu Pink/BlackLu Lu Gold White cupcake wrappers

We hope you enjoyed today’s cupcake baker interview. Want to know more about Jesi? Visit her at the below sites:


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Enter to Win $75 Store Credit: Cupcake Wrappers & More

April 26th, 2013 by admin
Want to win $75 worth of store credit to Bella Cupcake Couture store filled with cupcake wrappers and party supplies?
A $75 dollar giveaway with cupcake wrappers and party supplies

Well this week we’ve partnered with Anders Ruff Design who is hosting this giveaway on their site. Visit HERE to enter to win the chance to have the best dressed cupcakes & party table around.

If you win, you probably want to know which cupcake wrappers and party supplies are our best sellers right now? So we thought we’d put a quick Top 5 cupcake wrapper list together for you:

1. “Lu Lu” Damask Black & White Cupcake Wrappers
damask cupcake wrapper
This little French-Frilly little darling has been a crowd pleaser since we launched it. Every year it has been our top seller. It’s perfect for any occassion; wedding cupcakes, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday and more. What’s not to love?

2. Zebra Black & White Cupcake Wrappers

Zebra Cupcake Wrappers
Everyone has a wild side, and these zebra cupcake wraps scream I want to be free. These cupcake wraps are most popular for bachelorette parties, teen birthdays or anyone who wants a fun time with their cupcake decor.

3. “Audrey” Pink & White Striped Cupcake Wrappers

pink striped cupcake wrappers
Oooh La La! These pink striped cupcake wrappers will make all your cupcake “pretty in pink”. A versatile cupcake decoration that will make you blush with all the compliments you will receive from your party guests.

4. Olivia Silver & White Cupcake Wrappers

silver cupcake wrappers

A Beautiful Wedding Cupcakes Display

Want something elegant and traditional for your wedding and bridal parties? Well this precious silver cupcake dressing gown has been featured at Martha Stewart Wedding events and at many galas.

5. Olivia Navy Blue Cupcake Wrapper

navy blue cupcake wrapper
Navy blue seems to be the hot color of the season right now. this cupcake wrap has been ordered nearly every day by someone planning their wedding or birthday party. It’s also perfect for the upcoming 4th of July holiday or a boys birthday party.

Do you have a favorite Bella Cupcake Couture cupcake wrapper? Visit HERE and then comment below.




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Haute Cakes & Zebra Cupcake Wrappers

April 23rd, 2013 by admin

What do haute cupcakes and Zebra Cupcake Wrappers have in common? Jessie of Jessie’s Haute Cakes!! We’re excited to share our first cupcake baker interview with a baker who has there Cottage Foods License. She’s a total sweet heart! Hear about her journey into the Haute Cupcake world!

Jessies Haute Cakes

  1.    How long have you been baking cupcakes?
I have been baking for about 3 ½ years now. I had been on a mission to find a delicious cupcake and after trying several places that seemed to get great reviews, I wasn’t impressed with any of them. So I set out to make my own. It took a lot of trial and error, considering I was not a baker to begin with, but I soon realized that I had a real knack for it and truly enjoyed making them.

2.    When did you decide you wanted to start your own cupcake business?
My first cupcake was a Marbled Malt Ball for my daughter’s teacher and they were a huge success. It wasn’t long before they were being requested for every event and party at school, and I realized that I really had something! So, I started looking into different options for starting a business. I heard about the new Cottage Foods law and decided that this was the way for me to go. It took me a few months to get all of the paperwork put together, but I am pleased to say that I passed with flying colors and am looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me!

 Cupcakes with Pink frosting and decor

3.    What is the most memorable event you’ve baked for?
I have had the opportunity to take part in many fun events, including a fashion show, the recent Seattle Underground Markets, craft fairs and even more recently, the Grand Opening Party for OldSchool PinUps and Seattle Retro Photography. I love seeing the smiles that people get when they see my cupcakes, or taste them for the first time; it is truly an incredible experience. It certainly makes all of the hard work and effort put into each one worth every second.

Jessies Haute Cakes

 4.    What is your favorite cupcake flavor?
I actually have several that I love, but if I had to narrow it down a bit a few of my top favorites would include Chocolate Salted Caramel, Lemon Coconut and Buttermilk Maple Bacon!zebra cupcake wrappers


5.    Tell us about the recent special occasion where you used Bella Cupcake Couture cupcake wrappers?
I had the opportunity to use Bella Cupcake Couture zebra cupcake wrappers at my daughter’s 11th birthday party. It was a pink and zebra rockstar themed party. I made custom fondant toppers with guitars, microphones, stars and roses for each of the cupcakes. The zebra print wrappers worked perfectly to tie everything together!zebra cupcake wrappers

 zebra cupcake wrappers

6.    Do you have a favorite Bella Cupcake Couture cupcake wrapper?
I love all of your cupcake wrappers! There are so many beautiful designs and colors to choose from, and the quality is excellent. I’m looking forward to many events in the future when I can use even more of them, and offer them as an option on all of my custom orders!

7.     Anything else exciting you’d like to add?
I am pleased to announce that I will be at several upcoming Farmers Markets this summer! The dates are posted on my Facebook page, and I will be updating my website soon as well. I look forward to seeing many happy, smiling faces enjoying my tasty cupcakes at the North Bend and Sammamish Farmers Markets that I will be attending full time. I will also be at the Juanita and Shoreline Farmers Markets part time this season!

 We hope you enjoyed today’s cupcake baker interview. Want to know more about Jessie? Visit her at the below sites:

Email: JessiesHauteCakes(@)

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Bella Cupcake Couture visits Wanna Cupcake

April 18th, 2013 by admin

We at Bella Cupcake Couture had the honor this weekend to visit one of our local cupcake shops in the area Wanna Cupcake? (yes please!)

Wanna Cupcake Storefront in Puyallup

This cute little shop can be found in Puyallup Washington and they sell a variety of cupcakes, cupcake supplies including our cupcake wrappers for baby showers, weddings birthdays and more.

Wanna Cupcake Shop

When you walk in you see beautiful black candle opera chandeliers hanging over the cupcakes beautifully presented on pink pedestals.

Wanna Cupcake Store

A variety of flavors were on display and I drooled over almost every one.

The flavors of the day included S’mores, Lemon Raspberry, Caramel apple filled, Butterfinger, Strawberry with Italian Meringue and more.


Wanna Cupcakes Store

From the front counter you can take a peek inside their giant kitchen to see all the work and passion that goes into making these cupcakes.

Wanna Cupcake Kitchen

There were racks and racks of cupcakes ready to fill the spot as the cupcakes were sold. During this day part of their team was just coming in from the local farmers market. How great is that? Picking up freshly made cupcakes with your veggies  down at your local market.  The owners Karie & Jim Romano were there as well. They are super sweet couple and take a lot of care in what they do. They’re very passionate about their business and want to share the cupcake love with everyone.

Here is a selection of some of their cupcakes:

Sky Blue Cupcake Wraps

It's a Boy Cupcake Wrappers

It's a Girl Cupcake Wrappers

Wanna Cupcakes Birthday Cupcake with Wrapper

Butterfinger Cupcake

Caramel Apple Cupcake by Wanna Cupcake

Lemon Raspberry Cupcake at Wanna Cupcakes

S'mores Cupcakes by Wanna Cupcake

Here’s a selection of our Bella Cupcake Couture cupcake wrappers they have on display for clients to order or pick up that day.

Bella Cupcake Couture at Wanna Cupcake

A Dozen Wanna Cupcakes

That day they sent us home with a dozen cupcakes to sample. They also had a few other treats and I couldn’t resist including one of their lemon bars. It was one of the best I’ve ever had in my life. It had a nice crispy crust and tasty tangy lemon curd filling a nice light topping. Wanna Cupcake? And a Lemon Bar? And a Cookie? Yes, yes and yes!

Wanna Cupcake Tasting

I was able to take the cupcakes to a local restaurant where I was meeting with friends that night. As you can tell we  devoured them. We cut each one to small pieces so we each could try a little of everything. The crowd favorites were the Strawberry Italian Meringue and the Big Birthday cupcake which was topped with fun sprinkles.
To learn more about Wanna Cupcake? Visit their website HERE.

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Cupcake Shops Interview: Cupcake Pilots

April 16th, 2013 by admin
Today’s cupcake shops interview is with Dani of the Cupcake Pilots. They have a wonderful mother-daughter story including how they created this company for the love of all of their military families, being on Cupcake Wars  and the love of a Chocolate Bourbon Cupcake (yes please!).
Cake Pilots Cupcake Interview with Bella

Cupcake Pilots

Tell us a little bit about your bakery and how you got your start? Cupcake Pilots is a military family owned and operated cupcakery. We got our start by doing what we love, baking and supporting our military. My daughters and I began bringing cupcakes to different military family events and sending in free cupcakes to the men and women serving our country. From there, word of mouth spread and our company took flight!

What was your first childhood memory involving cupcakes? My first childhood memory involving cupcakes didn’t start out with cupcakes at all. My mother was a culinary artist growing up and made all sorts of cakes. I was always jealous of the people who were receiving the cakes my mother baked and wished I could have one of her beautiful and delicious creations. As an adult it is excited to know that my cupcakes allows everyone to have their own little beautiful and delicious creation.
What is your top 3 best selling cupcakes? Cupcake Pilots’ top 3 selling cupcakes are our Cookies N’ Cream made with a whole sandwich cookie at the bottom, our S’more which is topped with a homemade marshmallow frosting and then toasted, and our Banana Cream Pie that has a Nilla Waffer crust.

What is your favorite cupcake flavor?My favorite cupcake flavor is our Chocolate Bourbon cupcake. It has to be the most moist chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted or baked. The bourbon and chocolate really play off each other’s flavors. The cupcake is topped with a salted bourbon caramel and fudge frosting. What’s not to like about that!
Is there an innovation you’d like to see made to the cupcake that would improve it for you?The innovation we would like to see made to the cupcake that would improve it for us would be not on the cake itself but its ability to not be so delicate in the shipping process…We’d love to be able to send cupcakes to our troops overseas but the shipping process is so complex and expensive!
What’s the most memorable cupcake event you’ve done?The most memorable cupcake event Cupcake Pilots has done has got to be the Magnificent Mile Tree Lighting Ceremony in Chicago, IL. When we won Cupcake Wars during season 7, we had to bake and frost 1,000 cupcakes for display at the holiday event. Getting to experience it during the holidays as a family was very special!

Patriotic Cupcake Wrapper

Stars & Stripes Patriotic Cupcake Wrappers

Just for fun; what is your favorite Bella Cupcake Couture cupcake wrapper design? Cupcake Pilots is a military family owned and operated business, so our favorite Bella Cupcake couture cupcake wrapper designs have got to be your Patriotic Stars & Stripes as well as your Camouflage. These designs are great for our cupcakes and we love that we can get them year round as well as in bulk!
Pink Camo Cupcake Wrappers

Pink Camoflauge Cupcake Wrap

Dani Moulton
Cupcake Pilots

We hope you enjoyed today’s cupcake shops interview. We also found this great video from Cupcake Pilots submission to Cupcake Wars as well. HERE

Cupcake Shops – if you’re interested in sharing your story with Bella Cupcake Couture readers, contact us at info(at)bellacupcakecouture(dot)com.

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Pizza Birthday Party by Anders Ruff | Featuring Red Cupcake Wrappers

April 2nd, 2013 by admin

Here’s a very fun pizza birthday party event idea for your child’s upcoming event.  This party was designed by our friends at Anders Ruff Design.


This party is full of DIY crafts for dramatic decorations that make a big impact.


The decorations included red cupcake wrappers, gingham & striped party banners, gingham tablecloths, chocolate mustaches, cupcake picks, wooden spoons and more.  Also matching printable invitations, pizza boxes, the dessert table even included candy and desserts that looked like pizza ingredients and Italian appetizers.


This party has every element needed for the perfect pizza birthday party. We also recommend adding some of our paper straws in red & white striped and green & white striped.

Straws-Green-White-Paper Straws-Red-White-Paper


To view the entire party photos and collection visit the Anders Ruff Design site HERE.


– Complete Event Styling and Concept:  Anders Ruff
– Photography: Becca Bond Photography
– Party Printables and Activity Printables: Anders Ruff
– Custom Pizza Party T-Shirts: Great Stitch
– Custom Girls and Boys Hats & Aprons: Sookee Designs
– Candy:
– Cake: Got What It Cakes
– Custom Cake Pops: Pop-A-Razzi
– Custom Cookies: Firefly Confections
– Gingham Chocolate Covered Oreos & Chocolate Lollipops: Sweeties by Kim
– Chocolate Mustache Lollipops: Nicole’s Treats
– Cupcake Wrappers: Bella Cupcake Couture
– Glass Drink Bottles: Shop Sweet Lulu
– Gumball Tubes, Paper Plates: Smash Cake Studio
– Polka Dot Paper Straws, Paper Sacks: Hey Yo Yo
– Wooden Utensils: Sucre Shop
– Cotton Bags, Paper Shred, Clear Containers: Nashville Wraps
– Cotton Baker’s Twine: The Twinery
– Opaque Iron On Transfers & Label Material:

Do you have an event that you recently featured with Bella Cupcake Couture cupcake wrappers? Contact us at info(at)bellacupcakecouture(dot)com to be featured.

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Cupcake Baker Interview- LoveN Spoonful

March 28th, 2013 by admin

Today’s cupcake baker interview is with one of our favorite clients, Nancy Schaub of LoveN Spoonful. Nancy has been using our cupcake wrappers to decorate her cupcakes for a couple years now and we always adore how they turn out. We were so pleased to ask her to be one of our cupcake baker interviews today.

NANCY birthday closeup

  1. Tell us a little bit about you and how you got your start?
    My business is home based “hobby” as I am employed full time and began about 2 1/2 years ago. I read an article in the newspaper about a woman who made chocolate chip cookies and gave all her proceeds to charity. I had recently visited my best friend in Dallas and we had gone to Sprinkles Cupcakes. I loved the concept of a cupcakery but knew it would not be feasible in my small community. I decided to try my hand at making some cupcakes at home with the intent that I would do some for profit and that would allow me to donate to various charities. I have always had an interest in music and my favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. One day the inspiration came to name each cupcake with a song that had the word “love” in the title and the name LoveN Spoonful was chosen. I now keep very busy making cupcakes for baby and bridal showers, birthdays, weddings, corporate events and other special occasions and, in turn, can regularly contribute to events for breast cancer awareness, St. Jude Children’s Research hospital, and local fundraisers.Valentine's Day Cupcake Wrappers
  2. What was your first childhood memory involving cupcakes?
    One of my favorite toys as a child was my Easy Bake Oven. I loved using the little mixes to make cakes and cupcakes.
  3. What is your top 3 best selling cupcakes?
    Chocolate peanut butter, red velvet and lemon.
  4. What is your favorite cupcake flavor?
    Some see this as boring, I see it as a classic. It’s vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. And to go with it, my favorite ice cream-vanilla.
  5. Is there an innovation you’d like to see made to the cupcake that would improve it for you?
    I think cupcakes are darn perfect just the way they are.cupcake-baker-nancy-wrappers-stripes 8
  6. What’s the most memorable cupcake event you’ve done?
    This past fall, LoveN Spoonful organized a quarter auction here in my community with all of the proceeds going to St. Jude. Using my business and personal contacts, I was able to get 50 unique donations to be auctioned off, including several boxes of my cupcakes. I had told the woman in charge of fundraising for St. Jude that I thought we could raise $500. I was shocked at the end of the night when the total was $1,406! THey were thrilled and so was I. Everyone had a great time supporting such a worthy cause.
  7. Just for fun; what is your favorite Bella Cupcake Couture cupcake wrapper design?
    My favorite wrappers are the Hannah and Lulu citrus wrappers. I love the hot pink and orange combo. It just screams outdoor summer party.
  8. Anything else you’d like to add?
    I have purchased several new muffin tins and ended up not using them. I just didn’t like the way they baked the cupcakes. I continue to use the old tins that belonged to my mom. There’s alot of love in those tins, and that’s why my cupcakes are so good.Also as far as a favorite frosting recipe, people love my chocolate buttercream. My secret ingredient is Hershey’s special dark chocolate ice cream topping. Makes it very fudgey and creamy. I often add a bit of cinnamon and a touch of cayenne to the frosting as well. As for a recipe, I’d be glad to share but I don’t measure anything. I just go by when it looks right.

Thanks again for your great products and for inviting me to be a guest on your blog!
Nancy Schaub

LoveN Spoonful Cupcakes

We hope you enjoyed today’s cupcake baker interview. If you’re a cupcake baker who’s started a little or big business we would love to interview you. Just contact us at info(at)bellacupcakecouture(dot)com.

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Cupcake Baker Interview: Rose Bakes

March 27th, 2013 by admin

We have a great cupcake baker interview to share with you today. Here name is Rose of Rose Bakes. She has a fun story of how she got her start, her very fun decorating style and more. We hope you enjoy!

Tell us a little bit about your bakery and how you got your start?
I have had a love for baking for as long as I can remember.  At the age of 13, I asked for a cake decorating kit for Christmas and from then on, I did cakes for family.  However, it wasn’t until 2010 when my brother asked me to do his wedding cake that my business really took off!  I initially refused – having never done a wedding cake I was terrified.  But after lots of begging (and warning him!), I agreed.  After posting those pictures on Facebook…. my orders started rolling in and multiplying and I never looked back!

What was your first childhood memory involving cupcakes?
I honestly can’t drum up a single childhood memory regarding cupcakes!  My Mama was not ever a baker and I don’t ever remember eating cupcakes!  However, I do remember the first cake I ever baked and decorated after getting my decorating kit.  Looking back on it now, it was pitiful, but I knew from that day on that I wanted to bake cakes for people!

What is your top 3 best selling cupcakes?
My most popular sellers for decorations would have to be my crawfish cupcakes and my farm animal cupcakes.  My most popular flavors would be Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cupcakes or Italian Cream Cheese Cupcakes.  Oops… that’s four!

What is your favorite cupcake flavor?
My favorite is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes!!   It’s the best of both worlds with cookie dough and frosting!

Is there an innovation you’d like to see made to the cupcake that would improve it for you?
I’m not sure if this is an improvement on a cupcake so much as an improvement on a way to package them!  I have tried so many different types of boxes/inserts and I’ve yet to find any that I just love!  OH – and a way to safely ship them… that would be a dream invention!!

What’s the most memorable cupcake event you’ve done?
That would have to be my first cake/cupcake wedding tower display.  I was skeptical that a cupcake display could be as appealing as a wedding cake, but after getting it all finished and set up, I was in love with the look and I often try to “sell” that look to customers these days!

Just for fun; what is your favorite Bella Cupcake Couture cupcake wrapper design?
I guess it’s because I’m sort of a sucker for anything pink, I love your pink striped cupcake wrappers (they remind me of my site design) and the Lu-Lu Pink and Black ones!!

Pink & White Striped Cupcake Wrapper

Anything else you’d like to add?
When I first started my business, I was all about cake, cake, cake.  Then last year I was interviewed for a local magazine and they wanted to talk cupcakes.  I did some Easter designs for their article and I really started to rethink cupcakes and decided to make the an important part of my business as well.   As cupcakes have become more and more popular, I’ve really grown to love a great cupcake design and display!  They’re so much fun and there are so many possibilities out there!

Thank you for this opportunity to share via this cupcake baker interview.  I have a few cake/cupcake displays here on my blog if you’d like to scroll through them and in my gallery you can see all of my cupcakes in one spot.

Best, Rose


We hope you enjoyed today’s Cupcake Baker Interview with Rose Bakes. We also suggest reading her “About” section on her site. She has 101 things more you can learn about her. Fun read!

Thanks again Rose for participating in our Cupcake Baker Interview!

If you are a cupcake baker and you have a story to share, please feel free to contact us at and we would love to do a cupcake baker interview with you.

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Baby Shower Cupcake Wrappers by Bella Cupcake Coutur featured on Zulily

March 23rd, 2013 by admin
Baby Shower Cupcake Wrappers and Party Supplies

Baby Shower Cupcake Wrappers and Party Supplies


Zulily is one of the leading deal sites for moms, babies and kids. They feature a variety of great products at an extra special price. Today they are featuring Bella Cupcake Couture baby shower cupcake wrappers and party supplies. Check it out HERE.



If you are planning a baby shower this is the perfect time to stock up. Check out Zulily for some adorable baby shower cupcake wrappers, invitations, itty bitty banners, party straws and more.

Boy Baby Shower Cupcake Wrappers and Party Supplies

Boy Baby Shower Cupcake Wrappers and Party Supplies

The Baby Shower Cupcake Wrappers: Transform homemade treats into artisan confections with cupcake wrappers. Featuring elegant, high-fashion cupcake wrapper designs. These party display pieces bring extra sophistication to dessert tables at baby showers.

Baby Shower Cupcake Wrappers with Little Ducky's

Itty Bitty Banner: Decorate for a baby shower with this darling banner. Its small size makes it perfect for hanging above yummy treats on a cake stand or buffet table. Use straws or chopsticks to prop it up for a homemade look.


Baby Shower Invitations: Our fanciful invitations are perfect for baby shower or birthday parties! They feature simple fill-in spaces, so hosts can write out the party details by hand.Invite baby Final INV-BB


It will be easy to be the hostess with the mostess with this collection of baby shower party goods. We have a selection if It’s a Boy, It’s a Girl and even a Surprise Baby collection. Simply pick up cupcakes at the local bakery, some water bottles, candy bars for party favors and voila you can instantly make your party the best dressed with Bella Cupcake Couture cupcake wrappers and party supplies. And with these sweet deal pricing from Zulily it’s an even better time to plan ahead for this summers baby showers. Enjoy!


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How to Decorate with Easter Cupcake Wrappers

March 17th, 2013 by admin

Do you love Easter desserts? I do, and with these adorable Easter Cupcake Wrappers idea it just got even easier. I say it’s never too early to start making your plans for a Beautiful Easter table! This year, rather
than only focusing on whether or not I’m serving a Ham or a Leg of Lamb, my thoughts are
Envisioning  a Chic Dessert Buffet table. I want it filled with cupcakes and these Easter Cupcake Wrappers.


Easter Cupcake Wrappers

Long after the children have filled their baskets with treasures found hidden here and there, I have decided to make the hunt for Easter goodies a bit easier for the Adults.

Just bake or buy your cupcakes and decorate your cupcakes with Easter cupcake wrappers. These adorable wraps feature a cute little bunny and chick design. You’ll also find some great spring color cupcake wrappers too. They will make children and the adults “Ooo &  Aww”!

So HOP on over to visit our here


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How to Use Cupcake Wrappers with No Mess!

March 16th, 2013 by admin
How to use cupcake wrappers without mess.

How to use cupcake wrappers without mess.

Looking for a great way on how to use cupcake wrappers without getting frosting on your fingers? Well you’ll love today’s tip! Click this cupcake wrapper video tip HERE.

Our cupcake wrappers are very popular for weddings and events with a lot of cupcakes. And when you have a lot of cupcakes to decorate this tip is a quick and easy idea. Especially when not everyone can easily coordinate the balance of setting a cupcake into the wrapper. This video will show just how easy it can be on how to use cupcake wrappers to decorate your cupcakes with just a couple steps.

You’ll just need a votive or shot glass, a cupcake and our cupcake wrappers.

  1. It’s simple turn the votive or shot glass upside down on a table.
  2. Slip the cupcake wrapper around the glass.
  3. Then set the cupcake on top of the glass and ift up the cupcake wrapper around the cupcake and set the cupcake in place on your cupcake stand.It’s that easy to make your cupcakes look stunning with our stylish cupcake wraps!

Looking for more ideas on How to Use Cupcake Wrappers? Just visit our site at


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Good Morning America- Cupcake Wrapper Kits MEGA DEAL

March 14th, 2013 by admin

Bella Cupcake Couture is here!

Bella Cupcake Couture Cupcake Wrapper Kits on GMA's Mega Deals

Bella Cupcake Couture Cupcake Wrapper Kits on GMA’s Mega Deals

We’re excited to finally announce our feature on Good Morning America’s MEGA Deal promotion starts today. We’re honored to be featured on Tory Johnson’s Mega Deals and Steals Event “Home Sweet Home Edition”. The GMA exclusive online bonus deals for savvy “GMA” viewers. We will be one of their featured hourly deals throughout the day. Our time slot is 6pm PST/9pm EST

You’ll receive a special 50% off discount on all our Cupcake Wrapper Petite Party Kits. Our cupcake wrapper package deal includes cupcake wrappers, paper party straws, water/beverage bottle labels, candy bar sticker labels and placecards all for $19.99Zebra-cupcake-deal-Good-Morning-america-HOMEPAGE2

This partyware collection will make it simple for you to have the best dressed cupcakes and styled dessert tables around!

Check out all the details HERE + enjoy this 50% off deal!

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Get Lucky! St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Wrappers

March 11th, 2013 by admin


May the Luck of the Irish be yours on St. Patrick’s Day ! St. Patrick’s Day is close & fast approaching! Here at Bella Cupcake Couture, we thought we would bring the Pot of Gold to you and your family with a variety of green St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Wrappers, St Patty’s Day meal ideas and of course a St. Patrick’s Day cupcake recipe. If you are like us, we like to celebrate the Holidays (even the littler ones) with our loved ones. It’s fun to bring a little cheer home and to see our family’s eyes twinkle when they are whiske(y)d off to Ireland if only for a day! In that Spirit, we have searched and found some easy, yet YUMMY recipes that even a Leprechaun would trade his pot of Gold for! Just click the photos below for recipes.

Irish Soda Bread

Tradition Corned Beef & Cabbage, Irish Soda Bread AND of course a yummy Chocolate Guinness Cupcake, lavishly dress up in an Emerald Green Bella Cupcake Couture Cupcake Wrapper! And right now we have it on sale in honor of St Patrick’s Day 12 for $4.99 (normally $7.99). Yes, you just got lucky!!!

For more of our Green St Patrick’s Day Cupcake Wrappers and Party Supplies, visit HERE. Enjoy & May the Luck of the Irish be yours!

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Get Whipped for Beautiful Wedding Cupcakes!

February 28th, 2013 by admin

Isn’t one of your favorite parts of wedding; the beautiful dessert display? We adore them so much! Here is a beautiful Wedding Cupcakes display by Whipped Bites. Absolutely stunning!

A Beautiful Wedding Cupcakes Display

A Beautiful Wedding Cupcakes Display 

We love this display so much, we had to share the creator with you. The Cupcake Wedding cake stand was created by Whipped Bites. They specialize in petite size mini cupcakes and our little mini cupcake wrappers fit their treats perfectly.

Today we have a special treat for you; a cupcake interview with the owner Eric Lieberman of Whipped Bites. See below for the Q & A. Enjoy

Erica Lieberman of Whipped

Erica Lieberman of Whipped

1)  Tell us a little bit about your bakery and how you got your start?  Whipped Bites specializes in petite sized cupcakes.  All cupcakes are baked to order to ensure the freshest product!  We cater to all kinds of events, including: weddings, religious events, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, corporate events… We started our company in 2010.  I was baking for pretty much anyone and everyone and decided it was time to take my love of baking to the next level!

2)  What was your first childhood memory involving cupcakes?  First memory of cupcakes would definitely be my mom baking cupcakes for my elementary school birthday parties.  Her frosting was always the best J

3)  What is your top 3 best selling cupcakes?  Our top 3 selling cupcakes are: Red Velvet, Chocolate Coconut Lava and PB & C

Valentines-Day-Cupcake-Wrappers- whipped
4)  What is your favorite cupcake flavor?  PB & J!

5)  Is there an innovation you’d like to see made to the cupcake that would improve it for you?  Better shipping boxes! It is virtually impossible to ship a fresh cupcake without it getting destroyed!

6)  What’s the most memorable cupcake event you’ve done?  Baking for Macy’s in Herald Square.

7)  Just for fun; what is your favorite Bella Cupcake Couture cupcake wrapper design?  Mini wrapper in Lu Lu Pink/Black

8)  Anything else you’d like to add?  Bella Cupcake Wrappers are quite fab!  Couldn’t make our cupcakes look as pretty without them.

Ah thanks Erica for the last couple comments– we think you’re amazing too!

We hope you all enjoyed this interview today and it gave you ideas on how to make your Wedding Cupcakes beautiful. To keep connected visit us at the social media sites below.

Join us on our Facebook page
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Oscar Party Cupcake Decor Ideas

February 22nd, 2013 by admin

Looking for Oscar Party Cupcake Decor Ideas? The Bella Cupcake Couture Team has you covered. Scroll below for links to cupcake decorations and creative ideas for Oscar party goers. Your Oscar party guests will adore all the effort and decor you put together!

AND the Oscar goes to?!

Sunday night Hollywood comes to our house again! I have started a tradition of having a few people over to watch the Oscars. Which if I’m honest, it gives me an excuse to dress up, bake some glitzy blinged out Oscar Party Cupcakes, make some fun munchies and best of all dress up for the night.

Photo by

My girlfriends and I love it and it really only took a year or two to see that the guys actually get into to it also! So I was on a mission, when my friends arrive they will walk my Red Carpet to find they have found Hollywood closer than they thought.

Photo by

It’s easier than you think to transform your home into a night of fun & awards. First bake or buy some yummy cupcakes. Dress them up in true Hollywood style with of course some Bella Cupcake Couture fashion for cupcakes. This one little step takes my cupcakes from just a cupcake to a Pièce de résistance. Guests will nominate them for the ‘Best Dressed’ list in a flash.

Choose which ever Couture Cupcake style you want to nominate!

Gold and White Damask cupcake wraps for the jewelry you’d love to be dripping in!

Silver & White Swirl cupcake wraps for the Platinum lover in all of us!

Zebra cupcake wraps for the WILD Oscar Night Party!

 NEW Sophia Cheetah on PED
Cheetah Print cupcake wrappers for the Animal in us all!

Striped cupcake wrapsA Black & White Tie Affair– perfectly dressed for the Oscars.

Whichever you choose, your evening is sure to win Best Dressed Cupcake of the evening.

Here is a link to some FUN Oscar night decorating and Oscar Party Cupcake Decor ideas via Pinterest. Your guests will most certainly be voting you “Best Hostess” of the year! AND the Oscar goes to YOU!

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For the Love of Fashion & a Cupcake: Meet our Newest Member Victoria

February 15th, 2013 by admin

Have you heard the exciting news? We have a new Fashion & a Cupcake loving staff member on the team. Her name is Victoria and she will be dedicated to bringing you cupcake decorating ideas, recipes, cupcake shop interviews and more. We thought to celebrate her arrival we would do a little interview on our new social media cupcake lady so you could get to know her a bit more.


    1. What was your first childhood memory involving cupcakes? My Mother always threw me big Birthday Parties and always baked a cake.  I was born in late October, so it was ALWAYS a Pumpkin. It was yummy and everyone loved it, but I got pretty tired of having Pumpkin over and over again.  Then one yr she surprised me with cupcakes covered in roses. I don’t think I’ll ever forget how special I felt. I think that started my love for baking.
    2. What is your top 3 favorite cupcake flavors? My Favorite has always been Coconut, next Lemon then of course CHOCOLATE!
    3. What is your favorite event organizing tip?   Hire someone for all the little details. Then go bake!
    4. What’s your favorite baking tip?If you don’t feel passionate while baking, you’re not making the right thing! I follow my heart.
    5. Is there an innovation you’d like to see made to the cupcake that would improve it for you? One of the biggest innovations to me is  gluten free baking. It’s made a world of difference for large group of people dealing with gluten-intolerance AND they can taste amazing.
    6. What’s the most memorable cupcake event you’ve gone to? My first cupcake event and the one that will ALWAYS stand out for me for a number of reasons was Cupcake Camp Seattle. Loved it!
    7. Just for fun; what is your favorite Bella Cupcake Couture cupcake wrapper design? While I love them ALL, I find Hannah adorable! 
    8. Anything else you’d like to add? Only that I’m so excited to be here and look forward to spreading the love about everything Fashion & a cupcake! There are just too many cupcakes that need a little fashion!

Welcome again Victoria! So happy to have you on the team.

To join the fun with us on our Social Media sites | Click ONE or ALL the links below.
Facebook Page

Interested in being featured?
We love sharing other businesses who make and adore cupcakes like we do. If you’re a cupcake shop, event planner, etc, just email us by clicking HERE and say “I’d like to be featured” and we will respond with details.

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